3D Printing in Windows 8.1 #3Dprinting

In this video, Microsoft is demonstrating the easy process of 3D printing via the new 3D printing driver that they are integrating into the next Windows 8.1 update. To those of you who are curious whether or not 3D printing will become mainstream, I believe this gives the answer: a loud and clear “Yes.”


Is the model-making profession going to evaporate?

I believe 3D printing is a destructive technology.  There are many jobs that people currently perform that will be revolutionized by 3D printing technologies–eliminating many professions and creating new ones in their place to cater to the demands of this fast-paced and growing industry.
I found this nice, short film about a young model-maker that illustrates this trend

Click HERE to view the video


3 events you don’t want to miss about #3DP in NYC this week (Sept 20-27)

There are 3 great 3DP events taking place this week in NYC.  On Saturday and Sunday the Maker Faire takes place at the old World Fair Grounds in Queens, NYC.  On Monday, the inaugural 3DPNYC Summit begins in various locations around the city.  And on Thursday in Brooklyn, the Design for Manufacturing Summit takes place in Dumbo with a stellar cast of speakers.

If you are in the NYC area, don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to learn about 3DP technologies!

What great 3DP events have you attended recently?