Is there a possibility that HP will 3D print glass?

For HP it’s a natural business to start and develop 3D printers, but is there a possibility that HP will 3D print glass anytime soon?

As part of its ongoing RAGNAROK (Research on Advancing Glass & Non-organic Applications to Recreate Objects & Kinetics) project in 2012, HP Labs is looking at glass as a potential candidate for use in 3D printing. HP’s paper says, “glass is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly. Glass is inexpensive but looks precious; it’s pleasant to the touch and is so familiar that customers won’t be disappointed by its fragility.” Print transparent glass is still the challenge for current 3D printers and HP has been exploring the use of glass and several possible ways of printing it.

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Trick that could make your 3D prints a lot more useful

Want to know a trick that could make your 3D prints a lot more useful? It’s called embedding.
It’s a way to include alternate materials in your 3D print and it works on almost any 3D printer. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t figure it out yourself. You simply stop the print mid-way through your job and while stopped, insert materials into the print. Then restart the print and let it complete
A common embedding example is to include a nut for a bolt deep inside a 3D printed part. Here’s how it would work:
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