Change Box STL

Box-Coins-Small At the end of the day, what are you doing with these coins you collected during the day which making your purse fat till it becomes too hard to seat on it? 




Usually I dump them in a box or a plastic bag and once a while going to the store next door and ask them to change 100 ten coins into one 10 NIS coin.






CAD-ImageNow there is a nice solution made by a 3D designer. At the end of the day, instead of dumping the coins in a box just insert them in order into this money change box.

Download now from -spare part marketplace & CAD file repository -and print in your home 3D printer.

Yes I consider 10 NIS coins a nice replacement to 100 ten coins 🙂


Click HERE to download.



Airbus are using 3D printing technology for spare parts.

There is nothing more convincing that Kazzata business model is real and valid than an Airbus engineer explains why they are using 3D printing technology to reconstruct spare parts.

These  reasons are similar to the reasons that I explain our clients why they should move to 3D printing technology use for their own spare parts:

In this video in minute 3:30 the engineer explains for a plastic part of a chair in the airplane:

  • This is a 30 years old design
  • The supplier is no longer available
  • The tools have been scraped
  • There is a need for only 100 parts a year

Did you packed it alone? – No need for packing. We sent our suitcase via email

An amazing concept for future use of 3D printers is shown in this video. Basically it says that in the future it will be so easy and cheap to print anything that we will prefer to travel without our suitcase. When we arrive to any location we will print locally what ever we need.

Yes I know it will not happen tomorrow but eventually sooner than we think this will be the way we will travel with our luggage.

Click HERE to watch the video


Thanks @zoharu for opening my eyes for this concept