My take on Rapid Manufacturing entrepreneurship

Last week we basically finished our MVP and we started to make some marketing.
we have developed a platform that aims to shorten supply chains and bring substantial savings to spare part manufacturers and distribution companies. This is done by enabling the manufacturer to keep its inventory in digital form only, while its products would be 3D printed only on demand.

Immediately after we started to spread the word, I got feedback from around the globe. Few of the feedbacks were like – “Hey we also thought about it, very nice solution and business model BUT (there is always but) how do you solve this and this and that…”

My answer is: we are entrepreneurs and while other talked about it we decided to do something about it…we are used to jump into the ocean and start swimming without knowing all the answers… and this is why our platform is MVP.
We are confident, that when a manufacturer of spare parts will use our cloud platform we will move forward together and solve some of the unknowns.

The Rapid Manufacturing industry is still in its infancy and the ones who want to lead the market should make their first step now.



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